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Launch a paywall in minutes with checkout flows that are sure to convert.

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Manage subscribers and leads in the same place.

Pico is the only paywall tool with a built-in CRM, so you know who’s likeliest to subscribe next. Because gaining new customers is just as important as managing the ones you already have. Learn more about our integrated email signup tools.

Effortless setup.
No coding required.

Pico can be up and running on your site in minutes. And the Pico Dashboard makes setting up all types of models – from multiple pricing tiers, metered paywalls, ‘freemium’ access, and trials – a breeze.

No site? Launch with a landing page.

Create multiple landing pages with one-click ease. So you can test different plans or discount offers or even launch before you have a website.

Expand your customer base with group subscriptions.

Pico makes it easy to sell subscriptions to groups of any size. Sell to schools, local businesses, corporations, or other large groups. Pico can validate by domain, email, or code.

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