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Grow your community with intelligent signup forms that keep your members logged in.

More signup options. Higher conversion.

Don't settle for a simple email field. With Pico, you can add social login options¹ to your forms for a fast, keyboard-free signup experience.

¹ Facebook and Google login options available today. Additional login options coming soon.

We saw a big boost in converting readers into subscribers after switching to Pico, thanks to how they integrate Google and Facebook into the signup experience.

Josh Malin
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Ready for revenue.

Thinking of earning revenue directly from your community? With Pico, you can collect signups and payments in one seamless experience.

And because your members stay logged in after they sign up, they'll have a fast and secure checkout experience when they pay —  even if it's months down the line.

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Popups that actually leave you alone.

Say goodbye to popups that make it feel like Groundhog Day.

Pico helps you maintain trust and authenticity with your community by remembering who has signed up in each browser.

Incentivize signups.

Convert more anonymous visitors to known members by using Pico to deliver exclusive freebies – like newsletters, exclusive content on your website, and downloads – only to those who sign up.

My team moved to Pico to simplify the signup process on our website. Pico's CRM is really easy to use and collects all sorts of useful information that is helping us better target our audience. We love Pico and recommend it to everyone we know!

Cierra Hinton
Executive Director-Publisher
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