Design the perfect business model for your community.

Launch new revenue ideas in just a few clicks.

Start accepting payments in minutes. Even if you don't have a website.

Flexible payment tools that keep up with your creativity.

Whether you want to sell content subscriptions, create a membership program, or ask for donations, the sky's the limit. Pico makes it easy to configure paywalls, day passes, free and paid newsletters, and more.

Selling e-commerce or event tickets?

You likely won't need Pico to process payments, but consider installing Pico's signup system on your blog to grow your sales funnel. It helps you identify your newest fans and shows you what will keep them coming back.

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Beauty and brains.

Pico's easy-to-use checkout experience combines modern design with Stripe's cutting-edge payment infrastructure and fraud protection. All of this means you'll enjoy higher conversion and less churn.

Rapid checkout with just 3 fields
Responsive card entry
Failed payment auto-responder
Expired card auto-updater

Supercharge your Stripe account.

With Pico, you get to use your own Stripe account. Stripe gives you access to advanced analytics and reporting on every dollar that goes through your business, with payouts arriving daily. And no matter what, your customer data stays in your hands.

NEW: Pico now supports all foreign currencies in private beta.

I find that the Pico paywall is VERY effective. I’m growing much faster than I did with the plugin I was previously using. It truly was a huge upgrade.

Evan Handyside
Guitar Teacher and Owner
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Upgrade your website without a developer.

If you have a website, the Pico plugin is its perfect companion. It comes out of the box with a full checkout experience, an account management menu, promotional popups, and buttons to gate content – and it only takes a few clicks to configure.

WordPress Plugin

Have a WordPress website?
Get started in just a few clicks.

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Are you using another website builder, like Squarespace, Webflow, or Wix? Copy and paste a few lines of JavaScript to get up and running in minutes.

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