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$0/mo until you grow past 500 contacts.
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5,000 contacts
50,000 contacts
$5/mo per
500 contacts
$5/mo per
1,000 contacts
$5/mo per
2,000 contacts

Every account comes with:

One-click email signups
Magic link registration
Facebook and Google login options
Multiple newsletter signup
Fully configurable registration wall
Unlimited popups
Unlimited hosted landing pages
On-site user web behavior data
Friendly live chat and email support

2% fee on donations:

Fees exclusive of Stripe's processing fees
One-time and monthly donations
Unlimited donation popups and landing pages
Available in any foreign currency (private beta)

5% fee on other payments:

Fees exclusive of Stripe's processing fees
Paid newsletters
Multi-tier subscriptions
Fully configurable metered paywall
Pledge mode
One-time passes
Free and paid trials
Discount codes
Group subscriptions
Unlimited subscription popups and landing pages
Available in any foreign currency (private beta)

All payments:

Automated receipts
Automated failed payment dunning
ACH support
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Does Pico work on WordPress? What about other types of websites?

Pico can be installed on any website with just a couple lines of JavaScript. If your site runs on WordPress, you can install the Pico WordPress Plugin instead for an even faster setup. If you don't have a website yet, you can get started with Pico’s hosted landing pages to collect email signups and/or payments.

Do I have to enter my credit card to get started?

Pico is free and requires no credit card until you collect 501 records. You don’t need a credit card on file with Pico to process payments either, since the fee is deducted directly.

What’s the setup process like?

The setup flow is quick and painless. We guide you through setup with Wordpress and integrating with Mailchimp (and Stripe, if relevant) and give you the opportunity to come back anytime if you don’t finish in one go. After you’ve completed initial setup, our menu of quick in-app product tours makes it easy to see how to use any of Pico’s features.

What type of support does Pico provide?

All customers have access to our friendly live chat and email support M-F 9am to 5pm Pacific time.

Are there solutions/migration services available?

Yes! We can help you migrate from existing paywall plugins. We can also help you minimize the login friction for existing users you might have from a previous registration system.

What happens if I don’t enter my credit card but my list exceeds 500 users?

Don’t worry! Pico continues operating exactly as you’ve set it to; however, you’ll only have access to the first 500 users in your CRM until your billing setup is complete.

👋 Questions?

Contact us at [email protected]