Migrating from Piano Go

Piano Go (formerly Tinypass) is shutting down on January 1, 2020. If you plan on migrating to Pico, you probably have a lot of questions! This guide will explain all the important things you need to know before starting the migration process.

What steps do I need to take to migrate?
  • 1.

    Create a free Pico account here.

  • 2.

    Set up monetization plans that match your existing plans in Piano Go.

  • 3.

    Integrate your Pico account with your Stripe account. If you don’t have an existing Stripe account, you’ll be asked to create one.

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    Schedule a migration by emailing pianomigration@trypico.com with the subject line: [Your Company Name] Migration Request. Please complete steps 1–3 before you send a migration request email.

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    If you are not currently using Stripe with Piano Go, the teams at Piano and Pico will work together to migrate your customers' payment tokens to Stripe. The Pico team will match subscribers’ email addresses in Stripe to the Pico database, giving them the appropriate permissions and setting them up on the corresponding Pico subscription for future charges.

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    Your exising subscribers will have their passwords reset. When logging in for the first time with Pico, they will be asked to validate their email address through a one-click magic link sent to their inbox. They will then have the option to set a new password, although Pico's login system does not require one.

Is it free to start?

Yes. There is no monthly Pico fee until you register more than 500 records. Transaction fees apply to all purchases processed by Pico. For more information, explore our pricing page.

What are records?

A record is a unique email address registered by Pico. Records include migrated subscribers, as well as any new subscriber or email signup facilitated by Pico. If you have existing newsletter subscribers who are not among your migrated paying subscribers, they will not be counted by Pico until they log in to your site using Pico.

How do I schedule my migration?

Email pianomigration@trypico.com with the subject line: [Your Company Name] Migration Request. Migrations can be time-intensive and thus require scheduling with the Pico team. We are committed to completing your migration well in advance of the Piano Go sunset date. To avoid a rush at the end of the year, we are offering additional discounts for publishers who schedule their migration before August 15, 2019 (migrations will take place starting in late summer).

What are the discounts being offered?

We’ll give all migrating Piano Go customers $500 worth of credits that will be applied to your monthly Pico billing. If you schedule your migration before August 15, we’ll double it to $1,000. If you schedule after August 15 but before September 15, we’ll give you a total of $750 in credits.

Can we migrate multiple Piano Go instances into one instance of Pico?

If you are interested in merging multiple Piano Go subscriber bases, you may request us to do so during this migration. However, your merged subscriber base in Pico can only be associated with one domain. If you intend to maintain different subscription offerings across multiple domains, you will need to keep your subscriber bases separate and create a new Pico account for each.

Does Pico support Braintree or PayPal?

Pico works exclusively with Stripe for payment processing. We do not have plans at this time to offer support for PayPal. The Piano and Pico teams will work together to migrate your customers' payment tokens from non-Stripe sources into Stripe.

If you have customers who are on recurring PayPal charges, their recurring payments will stop. We can help you grant them subscription access through the end of their final billing period. At the end of their final billing period, these subscribers should be encouraged to restart their subscription using Pico's checkout process.

Do you accept clients outside the United States?

Pico can only process payments for businesses in countries supported by Stripe. At this time, Pico can only present and process payments in USD. Pico’s menu language (outside of customized elements) is only available in American English at this time.

Which ESPs does Pico sync to?

Mailchimp is currently the only ESP that syncs with Pico. We have plans to offer additional ESP integrations before the end of the year.

Do you support non-renewing subscriptions?

Not at this time. Publishers as well as end users can cancel their subscription immediately after purchase to prevent a renewal (while maintaining access through the end of the payment period).

Do you have APIs available?

Not at this time, but we have plans later this year to offer authentication APIs and make user profile information more accessible on page load.

Who should I contact for further questions?

Please send any questions directly to pianomigration@trypico.com.

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Hosted by Jason Bade
Co-founder & President