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Between eType's complete digital services and Pico's advanced revenue capabilities, you can manage your entire newspaper on Pico and eType.

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Pico's high-converting signup and checkout experience combines modern design with Stripe's industry-standard payment infrastructure and fraud protection. All of this means you'll enjoy industry-high conversion and less churn.

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eType is working overtime during COVID-19.

eType is working hard to help local new publishers launch upgraded reader revenue systems during COVID-19. Publishers using Pico are seeing substantial reader revenue growth during the pandemic.


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eType Services was established by long-time publishing and technology professionals who are committed to helping community newspapers thrive in the digital age. Because they believe that a strong community newspaper contributes to a town’s history, identity, and quality of life, they are committed to providing affordable, easy-to-use digital solutions that will help ensure its continued success.

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