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Support Engineer

New York, NY
Denver, CO

At Pico, we’re building the business platform for creators. And as we enter an exciting new chapter of growth, we’re looking for a Support Engineer to join our fast-growing, mission-driven team. As a Support Engineer at Pico, you will take ownership of the triage process for issues reported from our users with our Customer Experience team. As a member of our Quality team and Engineering org, you should be driven to creatively solve problems, hungry to learn and grow, comfortable with wearing multiple hats, willing to get your hands dirty, and excited to collaborate cross-functionally with both the tech and business teams.  

We believe coming up with the best solutions requires not only intelligence and empathy, but also the patience to explore, experiment, and even get things wrong every now and then. We also believe product experiences are better when they're designed and engineered by a team of people with diverse backgrounds. We encourage applications from people of all stripes, regardless of your gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, national origin, citizenship, pregnancy status, veteran status, or whether or not you have a disability.

You are:

  • An inventive QA, Customer Support, or Account Management professional that has experience empathizing with clients and customers
  • Visually oriented and drawn to visually compelling products
  • Empathetic to the clients and customers' experience with our products
  • Obsessed with playing with and improving products through your immeasurable curiosity, excited by the potential to tackle a new puzzle every day
  • A proactive communicator and writer with an eager sense of accountability for remote and asynchronous collaboration

You have:

  • Experience working with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and are comfortable digging into and troubleshooting website issues
  • Successfully written and executed basic SQL queries and have performed data migrations and CSV imports
  • Familiarity working within the AWS console
  • The ability to communicate technical concepts to a non-technical audience
  • Generated and managed reports and team documentation
  • Been a key part of a dynamic and successful QA, Support, or Engineering teams and have experience partnering closely with both internal and external stakeholders
  • The ability to recognize patterns and escalate larger issues to the Quality and Engineering team

You will:

Be a key addition to our engineering/scrum teams
  • Contribute to the quality of our products and happiness of our users
  • Attend daily engineering cohort stand-ups to share user insights and codebase vulnerabilities
  • Report on any trends and vulnerabilities to our platforms
Creatively solve problems
  • Look beyond symptoms and patches to find root cause of issues
  • Balance multiple issues from multiple sources at the same time
  • Acknowledge bug reports forwarded from the Creator Success team as well as surfaced by Pico employees in Slack or from Usersnap
  • Investigate bug reports and, if validated, file JIRA bug tickets that will then be prioritized in daily cross-functional meetings
  • Keep internal stakeholders up-to-date on the status of the bugs they forwarded/reported
Learn and grow!
  • Use your spare bandwidth to learn new skills and grow into a variety of exciting career opportunities at Pico

Why you should join us:

It's a rare opportunity to work on something you love, to have the power to improve the world around you, and to get rewarded for doing it. If protecting the press and elevating the standards of public discourse sound like interesting challenges to you, and if you’re in search of a startup that has de-risked upside and strong validation among the investor community, then working at Pico is that rare opportunity.

As an early employee, you have the chance to not just build an amazing platform, but to also help cultivate a company culture that reflects the type of community of which you want to be a part. Trust, mutual respect, and passion already run deep in our young company's DNA. Jason and Nick became friends in elementary school and started Pico several years after graduating from Stanford together. You'll fit right in if, like us, you're curious about the world, anxious to fix what's broken around you, and thoughtful about how you do it.

There's a lot of exciting work to be done to fulfill the vision and potential of Pico. Join our journey, and let's get there together.

We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

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In the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kimmy grows up and spends her young adulthood in a bunker underground where she is held prisoner. After being rescued from the bunker, she’s invited to a talk show in New York City. She’s given a plane ticket in the mail and told that a car will take her to the airport nearby in Indianapolis, but she has no idea what to do once she arrives at the airport. Explain to her in clear and concise instructions how to get on her flight to New York and how to get to the TV studio once she lands in New York. (There will be a limo driver waiting for her outside JFK. The driver will be holding a sign with her name on it.)

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Our Interview Process

We look forward to learning as much as we can about your skills and interests, but we also aim to be respectful of your time. Below are the 3 steps to joining the Pico team:

Apply for the role.

Email your resume (and portfolio, if applicable) to [email protected].


If we believe there is a potential fit, we will schedule an initial interview with you, after which you may be asked to complete a take-home assignment.


The top candidates for this role will then be invited to interview with other key members of the team. From the homework assignment to the job offer, you can expect the process to take 3-4 weeks.