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Founding Growth Lead

New York, NY
Denver, CO

Help define the next category of Internet commerce – and build the marketing program that dominates it

Pico is building the infrastructure for the next big wave of Internet commerce – that which doesn't require a shipping label. You and the team you eventually build will be in charge of all aspects of Pico's brand and marketing while establishing Pico as a category-defining company.

You are:
  • Creative. You actively seek new, better ways of accomplishing your goals – even those that seem crazy at first. You're fluent in tried and true best practices but always look for the right moment to step outside the box to differentiate Pico from others.
  • Data-oriented. You're constantly establishing feedback loops between your actions and their results and let them drive your decision-making.
  • Ambitious. You are eager to jump into a fast-moving environment to build an operation at Pico that reflects not just your experience to date but your potential to be one of the world's best at what you do.
  • High agency. You're comfortable with defining your own path amidst ambiguity. You figure out how to get done what needs doing even if all the pieces aren't in place.

You will:
  • Work closely with leadership on Pico's go-to-market strategy, refining our positioning and key target segments over time – as many of our customers don't even exist yet(!)
  • Collaborate with our customer success team on aligning Pico's customer community and University (our knowledge base and blog) with marketing objectives
  • Work closely with Pico's product leadership to bring relevant insights to bear on the product roadmap and onboarding experience
  • Have the power to innovate on product, pricing, customer incentives, the customer community experience, and our social media presence to drive awareness of our brand and adoption of our services
  • Have access to a generous contractor budget and some in-house design and engineering support.
  • Be responsible for hiring a team around you

You will be responsible for:
  • Filling our customer and partner sales pipeline with high-value inbound leads
  • Growing our self-service engine across all acquisition channels
  • Managing Pico's brand presence as a category leader

Our ideal candidate will have:
  • 7+ years work experience spanning marketing, product marketing, growth operations, founding roles, or consulting
  • At least 4-5 years in a venture-backed B2B startup with experience on go-to-market, brand building, and category definition
  • 1-2 years experience managing direct reports and outside contractors
  • High competency managing marketing analytics, drip sequences, and marketing campaigns

Expect to be in close contact with Pico's founders, whom you'll be reporting to directly and will contribute to strategic and creative decisions but who will give you wide latitude to own Pico's entire growth and marketing operation yourself. They will make themselves readily available but otherwise leave you to achieve your growth goals, hiring included, as you see fit.

This position should appeal only to those with the ambition of building and leading a growth team from scratch in a category-defining company like Stripe, Shopify, or Square. You are comfortable being a 'pioneer', managing the ambiguity that comes with writing your own playbook for others to follow – and iterating constantly. On one hand, you are a creative strategist; on the other you are able to roll up your sleeves on all operation details, diving into analytics, refining drip emails, or setting up a referral program from scratch.

Why you should join us:

It's a rare opportunity to work on something you love, to have the power to improve the world around you, and to get rewarded for doing it. If protecting the press and elevating the standards of public discourse sound like interesting challenges to you, and if you’re in search of a startup that has de-risked upside and strong validation among the investor community, then working at Pico is that rare opportunity.

As an early employee, you have the chance to not just build an amazing platform, but to also help cultivate a company culture that reflects the type of community of which you want to be a part. Trust, mutual respect, and passion already run deep in our young company's DNA. Jason and Nick became friends in elementary school and started Pico several years after graduating from Stanford together. You'll fit right in if, like us, you're curious about the world, anxious to fix what's broken around you, and thoughtful about how you do it.

There's a lot of exciting work to be done to fulfill the vision and potential of Pico. Join our journey, and let's get there together.

We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

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Our Interview Process

We look forward to learning as much as we can about your skills and interests, but we also aim to be respectful of your time. Below are the 3 steps to joining the Pico team:

Apply for the role.

Email your resume (and portfolio, if applicable) to [email protected].


If we believe there is a potential fit, we will schedule an initial interview with you, after which you may be asked to complete a take-home assignment.


The top candidates for this role will then be invited to interview with other key members of the team. From the homework assignment to the job offer, you can expect the process to take 3-4 weeks.