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We started Pico with a clear mission: build the tools necessary to protect the Fourth Estate. As a greater share of advertising dollars goes directly to Google and Facebook, less of it can go to the journalists and content creators themselves. The urgency of the situation has created an exciting opportunity for Pico to build a completely new customer-focused tech stack for media — one that empowers any team of journalists to launch and experiment with different business models, makes it easy for readers to quickly and effortlessly engage with and support journalism, and at the same time is fun for us to build and scale as the industry evolves.

Creator monetization and CRM startup Pico raises $6.5M

What we didn’t anticipate was the movement of other types of audiences to also aggregate around trusted sources of information and community fostered by creators – from e-commerce to nonprofits to yoga studios. A significant portion of the future Internet’s GDP will be built around creators – in a way that puts their vision first. That’s the future that Pico is building for. And we’re hiring the best people in the world to help it flourish.


Our Values


We see our team as a family, we take pride in the work we produce every day, and we listen closely to our customers because we value what they do to bring communities together. It’s why we sweat the details, why we're always eager to seek feedback, and why we put people at the heart of any product or process we design.


Every victory is earned by the entire team, just as our stumbles are shared burdens. We give feedback in private, but we praise each other in public. We always make good faith assumptions about others' intentions – even if we don't agree with them. We aren’t afraid to raise a hand when we need help, and we never hesitate to offer help, even if it's just being there for someone.


Personal responsibility runs deep in the team. We work intensely to always leave things better than we found them. We place great trust in — and, as a result, have great expectations from — each other. There is no monopoly on good ideas, and we strive to create a space where everyone feels empowered to bring those ideas to reality.


Every decision starts with an informed "Why?" We ask questions not to challenge each other, but to express our natural curiosity and root our daily work in purpose. We emphasize the practice of writing as an inclusive and efficient way to capture and share these conversations, especially as our work becomes increasingly asynchronous across multiple time zones.


Our Commitments

We will help you grow – even if it’s up and out of Pico.

It’s important to us that the work you do for Pico helps you grow as an individual, no matter the role. We'll give you the opportunities and resources to develop new skills, take on new responsibilities, and grow in the direction that you want to take your career. Even if your ultimate goal is a role outside of Pico, we’ll fully support you and help you get there.

We will preserve our diversity as the company grows.

We firmly believe that differences in our experiences and perspectives make our team more resilient and our product more well-rounded. That's why we work hard to search for candidates across the race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, and socioeconomic spectrum. We’re not perfect, but we’re proud of our success so far in assembling a team that reflects the richness and diversity of the world in which we live, particularly outside of tech.

We will serve customers that make the world a better place.

Pico was started on a belief that a strong democracy requires a robust Fourth Estate. Even though we serve all types of creators and small businesses today, we still care deeply about helping newsrooms find sustainable revenue models. As journalism undergoes a tumultuous shift to the modern web, it is critical — for the sake of our democracy — that we all do our part to ease that transition as best we can.


We offer competitive pay and benefits, including comprehensive health, dental, vision, and 401(k) options. We work hard, but we encourage healthy work-life balance, supported by paid family and parental (both maternal and paternal) leave.


We’re headquartered in Brooklyn with a significant presence in Denver. We prefer candidates to live in either city and work in our offices but will consider other opportunities for exceptional candidates accustomed to collaborating remotely. We organize full team on-sites twice per year.

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