Identity and Access Management

Activate your business model.

Registrations and payments in one simple plugin.

Made for every flavor of revenue

Whether you’re just starting to think about reader revenue or already have a plan in mind, Pico’s flexible controls have you covered. Customize the content access restrictions and pricing plans that work best for you, or test out new strategies within target audiences.

Designed to convert

Customized to match your publication’s brand identity, Pico's login and upsell prompts have been optimized to appear beautifully and dynamically across all types of devices. With built-in support for Facebook and Google identities and a seamless on-site checkout experience, it never takes more than a few clicks for your readers to log in, pay, and get back to reading.

Plug and play

As a simple WordPress plugin, Pico doesn't require any tweaks or modifications to your site's design. Everything from your readers’ login experience to their account management fits into a compact interface that will look right at home in the corner of your page layout.

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WordPress is the only CMS supported by Pico at this time. More CMS integrations are coming soon.