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Know your audience before they become your customers.

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A new way to retarget.

If your advertising budget isn't delivering the same results that it used to, it might be time to invest in on-site original content and email newsletters. Tag your content with keywords, and Pico can help build an analytics bridge from your blog to your store.

Two birds in the hand.

With Pico, signing up for a newsletter and logging in to your site are one and the same ... and easier than ever. One-click login methods and our password-free authentication make it effortless for your readers to engage more deeply.

Engagement data that matters.

By keeping your shoppers logged in to your blog, Pico transforms your email list into a powerful sales funnel to your store. You can now keep track of how often a user visits, when they last came to your site, and the types of posts they engage with the most.

Easy on-site integration

Use Pico’s pre-made templates, with high-converting Facebook and Google signup buttons built-in. Or connect with your own email embed forms on site with just one line of code.

See Pico in action.

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Hosted by Jason Bade
Co-founder & President