Customer Relationship Management

Know who your biggest fans are.

The relationship manager built for publishers.

No maintenance required

The Pico CRM is designed to be powerful with almost no upkeep. It intelligently updates itself as your readers log in and interact with your content, always giving you the latest top-to-bottom view of your funnel.

Data that matches your curiosity

Pico gives you detailed engagement data for every registered reader, but you might want even deeper context around who your fans are. With just a few clicks, you can initiate an on-site survey campaign that funnels answers straight into the CRM.

Your ESP’s new best friend

By integrating directly with your ESP, Pico supercharges your email marketing campaigns with rich user profile and engagement data. Instead of broadcasting the same message to everyone, you can target specific email subscribers according to their activity on your site.

MailChimp is the only ESP supported by Pico at this time. More ESP integrations are coming soon.