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Earn more revenue directly from your audience with Pico's integrated newsletter signups and membership payments. They drive more conversion 📈 , add a modern look to your website 🎨 , and make growing your business easier than ever before 🚀.
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Popular Use Cases

Configure Pico's prebuilt forms, user account interfaces, and landing pages for any digital business.
Social Media Email Signups

Share ready-made email signup landing pages with your social media followers.

Paid Newsletters

Launch free and paid newsletters on a Pico-hosted landing page side by side.


Offer multiple ‘pledge’ tiers to members of your community, each with members-only benefits.

Subscription Paywalls

Configure metered, freemium, or hard paywalls – across one or multiple tiers.


Offer one-time and recurring donations. Learn more about launching a donation landing page in minutes.

E-commerce lead capture and segmentation

Present popups on your blog to build and segment leads for email marketing.


Offer premium content and database access on a retainer basis.

Online Courses

Put on-demand and live-stream video embeds behind different tiers of subscription paywall. Learn more.

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Revenue is markedly better than what I was getting before, and the platform is much more friendly for both myself and my users.

Chris Rawluk
showtheplanet inc.
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Effortless email signups with a built-in login system for your site.

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Donations, memberships, one-time passes, and more.

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