Essential reader relationship software to build your subscription membership donation event e-commerce funnel.

Pico hits the sweet spot for publishers looking to drive reader revenue.

- Eric H.

The data you've been missing

The future of media requires every reader to be treated as a potential customer, but anonymous tracking and analytics aren’t enough to nurture the relationships that ultimately convert. Pico brings you a new actionable data set qualified from the best lead gen out there — your own content.

Analytics and DMPs
  • Broad sets of anonymized data
  • Helps advertisers sell their products
  • Supports short-term traffic KPIs
First-Party Data
  • Linked to identities verified by social logins
  • Helps you sell your own products
  • Underpins long-term audience loyalty
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Collect and leverage your own first-party data with Pico's
Identity and Access Managementand
Customer Relationship Management.

Reader engagement that's truly personalized

By using Pico to collect and bring together user registrations, browsing preferences, and email marketing, you can now engage the right readers with the right message at just the right moment.

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Engage readers intelligently with Pico's Marketing Automation.